• About us

  • Who we are.

    GPI Group, with over 3,600 employees, is the leading technology partner in the Italian Healthcare and Social market. Based in Trento, it was founded in 1988 and it is present with numerous branches throughout Italy and abroad.

  • How we innovate.

    Thanks to a state-of-the-art technology in the field of social healthcare ICT and the significant investments made in R&D, GPI is able to understand the transformation needs and the innovative drive of its numerous customers among the Healthcare Delivery Organizations.

  • How we care.

    The Group's products&services portfolio combines IT expertise, consulting and competencies that enable to operate in several business areas: information systems and hi-tech platform for healthcare services, automated warehouse system for Hospital and Pharmacies, Telemedicine & Virtual Care, DTM services and e-payment solutions

  • Our mission

    Since 1988 GPI Group has been active in promoting innovative ICT healthcare solutions, that meet the special needs and requests of private and public sector. GPI Group is supporting the digital transformation of healthcare core processes aligning its roadmap of innovative products and services with HDO business priorities.


    The acquisitions that took place in recent years have promoted more territorial coverage and facilitated the internationalization process.


    Today GPI Group operates in many European and non-European countries. The objective for the coming years is to continue in this direction and expand further. We believe that proximity is crucial to better serve our customers and understand their requirements immediately.

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  • How we grow.

    Over the last 4 years the Group has grown through the acquisition of societies with a contiguous or complementary business and through the development of business in Italy and abroad. Since December 2016, GPI is listed on the AIM Italia index.


    The GPI Group ended 2016 with consolidated revenue of €136.2 million, EBITDA of €20.1 million (EBITDA margin: 14.8%) and net profit of €6.5 million.


    For more information, visit our corporate website

  • Our products

    We offer the most comprehensive portfolio to handle all the typical activities that belong to the healthcare world.

  • Care Together Platform

    An innovative EHR that supports predictive, proactive, and accurate diagnosis and treatment pathways, with the goal to foster communication and collaboration among all health care professionals through a problem-oriented approach.

  • Health Meeting

    Health Meeting

    The clinical collaboration platform that enables clinicians to share patient information: reports, images and structured data, coming both from diagnostic systems and repositories.


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  • Neocare


    The practical IT solution for the easy management of all processes of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU):  medical treatment, assistance and information exchange between medical staff and parents.


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  • NGH - Next Generation HIS

    NGH - Next Generation HIS

    A comprehensive modular Hospital Information System available to manage all the clinical activities in private and public hospitals. The HTML5 available on a Cloud platform is compatible with all current browsers.


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  • Hospital Pharmacy System & CPOE

    The sophisticated solution for automated drug storage and picking system.

  • Food Safety Technology

    The virtual care solution to improve patients' quality of life and optimize the work of doctors and healthcare operators.

  • Telemedicine & Virtual Care

    The virtual care solution to improve patients' quality of life and optimize the work of doctors and healthcare operators.

  • Phebo


    The high-tech Platform for H2T Evaluation of Biometrics Observations specifically developed for tele-monitoring, virtual care and telemedicine activities.


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